Everest Summit Lodge in LUKLA

Lukla, once a quiet farming village, is now the gateway to Mount Everest and the homeland of the famous Sherpa people. A stunning flight from Kathmandu, Lukla lies on a mountain ridge at 2.700m/9.000 ft. and is the starting point for trekkers who want to walk the famous trails of Everest. Everest Summit Lodge is most conveniently located right next to Lukla Airport and provides an unmatched level of service in Lukla. Everest Summit Lodge offers spacious double rooms with heated beds, hot showers, a lovely sunny garden and great comfort and hospitality. Our lodge is recognized for its traditional Sherpa interiors and unmatched service in our charming heated restaurant and sunny garden.


Things to do

Everest Summit Lodge is the perfect place to get acclimatized to the altitude, or just relax after a demanding trek, while you are waiting for a clear flying day. You can easily take a walk in the village or see the flights landing and takeoff from the small airstrip. Excursion to the nearby village of Bom, just below at 3.000m/9600 ft. with a view looking down towards Lukla and the very interesting airport, is an option for guests spending their first night in Lukla.


No of Rooms


17 Rooms with en-suite bath

Heated Beds

Hot / cold water

Dining Services

Restaurant serving traditional Nepalese cuisine,

Indian and continental cuisine

Guest Services

Free WiFi


Spacious lawn


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