Eco Social

Everest Summit Lodge Eco-Social Initiatives

Everest Summit Lodges is known for its majestic location, delightful services, and tranquil atmosphere. But we are also very committed to operating our lodges in a responsible way, that support the environment and local communities with many Eco-Social initiatives.

Social Commitments

We strive to integrate the local communities into our business processes. While we support clients who are interested in participating in some of these endeavours, we take care not to impose any obligations on them. Our social engagement is private in nature and remains entirely separate from our pricing. Most of our staff are from the local villages and surrounding areas and we have a close relation to the families in the local communities.

Responsible Travel

Everest Summit Lodges ensure that the highest standard is undertaken to protect the environment during our treks, whether it be at our lodges or while on the way. Our local employment policy and the high standard of training of our guides and service staff ensure that our clients receive the best possible service during the trip. The purpose of local employment has advantages not only for themselves but also for our clients and us.

  • Water Conservation: Gas or Solar powered hot water for showers (no firewood)
  • Euro guard water filter for drinking
  • No packaged Drinking water sold at any of our Everest Lodges
  • Photo voltaic panels for lighting using energy efficient light bulbs
  • Green horticultural servicing with green house
  • Offering guestrooms with windows that open or are part of a fresh-air exchange system
  • Offering our guests optional daily towels and linens reuse service
  • Non biodegradable waste brought back to Kathmandu
  • High Altitude Pressure bags in all lodges for Emergency

Monjo School

The school was established in 1984 and is the only school in the village of Monjo. At present there are 82 students and 8 teachers. The government sends 3 teachers, but the school hires the 5 teachers. It was first established with the help of German Nepal Help Association and later with partial help of the Nepal Government. It runs classes from primary level till Grade 7. It has not been able to upgrade it to the secondary level due to funds and manpower. The school is in need of more funding due to the cutting down of funds by the German Help association. The objective of the school is to prevent students from dropping out as the closest schools after this is in Khumjung or in Chauri Kharka near Lukla. Our Company support the school in various aspects, though small but we feel that these small changes brings a smile to the child then we have made a difference. When you stay at our lodge in Monjo you can visit Monjo School.


MMCH was established in 2000 to provide health services for the people living in the southern region of Kathmandu. It started as roadside clinic and with the help of different organizations has now been established into a hospital. The hospital at the moment has 15 beds, but covers 6 village developments approximately 80 thousand people living in the vicinity of this area. The hospital serves General Out Patients, Gynaecology Services, and Child health care, Dental Services, X-Ray, Ultrasound and ECG services, along with an Ambulance.

We have been associated from its inception with help in either kind or cash, for which we still contribute for every clients that stays at Himalayan Height Resort. We also liaise with our foreign agents in contributing towards the betterment of the hospital.


This project was started in 1996, with Himalayan Height Resort and Seti Devi Village Development Committee to provide drinking water for the surrounding areas. At present it supplies drinking water to 500 households of the Seti Devi VDC, which covers approximately 2 sq, Km. This project has now been supported by Seti Devi VDC, Kathmandu Drinking Water Supply Corporation, Arya Tara Monastery and Himalayan Height Resort.

Being deep in the mountains we have everything carried in and by doing so we employ a great number of local men and women. Ninety per cent of our lodge staff are locally employed. Similarly, our guides and the team with you on the trail are all Nepalese and the vast majority again are from this region. We are currently designing a scholarship scheme for schools local to the places you will visit. Its aim is that a percentage of our income will go towards supporting a number of children in the area to go through schooling. In this way we can also help the future of the region as well as the present. Your food where possible is local. Much of the fresh produce you eat is from the local village, grown by our neighbours. This way you are enjoying seasonal organic vegetables of the highest quality while supporting the local community.

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