Trekking to the Khumbu area is iconic because it’s the starting point of so many explorers climbing prolific mountains, and you’re walking in their footsteps. So it’s no surprise that with such a high energy place, there is a deity with equally as much power.

Khumbila is a sacred mountain that overlooks the village of Khumjung, and stands at 5760 metres high, or 18,900 feet. It towers over the village of Khumjung, one of the more developed villages in the region, equipped with the Khunde Hospital. According to a story recounted by Susan Haydon in her book “Soundings in Tibetan Medicine”, a woman fell on a steep track and was unconscious for many days, around “Dumje” her husband went to go pray at Khumbila, the staff at the hospital went to go see the festival, and miraculously the woman awoke and walked home two weeks later. The main festival time is in November, called “Dumje”, where it is believed the god descends from his abode and dances in the local monastery.

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19 Mar,2019

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Khumbu in the winter doesn’t have to be brutal if you have the right trekking gear for January. The trick is all . . .
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